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Opening An Online Store
April 22nd, 2013  by Jon Wells

Launching an online store can be intimidating when you are unclear which financial gateway is best. There are certain global parameters set in concrete that help insure protection for your potential visitors. These parameters include a secured site (SSL) and a trusted financial gateway, or method of financial transaction.


One option is to own a merchant account so you can receive credit and debit cards when completing a transaction. It is important to know that there is a cost with your financial institution to own this merchant account. In addition to the merchant account you will need to purchase an SSL for your website which is yet another (annual) cost. These cost will vary depending on which financial institution and SSL provider you choose to use.


Another option and the more financially feasible option (in my opinion) is to use a trusted third-party gateways such as PayPal Website Payments Standard (US and UK), LinkPoint, WorldPay, 2CheckOut and others to provide a safe and secure checkout for your customers. By using these institutions you must agree to transaction fees, which is a fair trade-off since you will have no need to purchase a merchant account or an SSL.


Educating yourself on these third-party gateways will take away the apprehension from opening your online store front. Check them out and then contact me to set up your store!