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Flash Only Websites Are A Bad Idea
April 12th, 2013  by Jon Wells

Are you considering using Flash for your new site?  I beg you, don’t do it. Search engines hate flash website. I understand the idea behind why people want to use flash. It’s like having a person standing outside your business in a animated get-up while jumping up and down. This efforts helps draw attention to your business and some people think that flash draws visitors to their website. The problem is that search engines don’t like flash sites.


So you’re ready to create a new website or update your current site and you want it to have a special “wow factor” to get a leg up on your competition. Sadly, many people insist on using a Flash-only website to achieve this by animating anything and everything. This is a huge mistake! Read more here… Why Creating a Flash Only Website is a Bad Idea – SEO Tips.


HTML 5 and CSS3 offer so much that you don’t need flash anything!